I love the garden. In fact, it is my earnest hope, in my lifetime, to teach as many people to garden as possible. Growing our own food has been one of the most enriching things we've ever done!

We have some big dreams. I imagine a learning center where people can come and glean from all sorts of teachers about everything from hobby gardening to regenerative agriculture.

I have a saying, "Turn your waiting room into a classroom." I believe that all the seasons we have to wait to see the fulfillment of our dreams are the seasons we are give to become prepared to see those dreams fulfilled. One day, I'll walk through the doors of that learning room, but until this, this is my classroom. We're all students here, and it's my joy to share my experience in the garden with you.



"As a longtime viewer of Roots and Refuge on YouTube, I know this was a labor of love. But goodness, what a delight. Jess writes so purely. It’s clear and concise, yet inspiring. I’ve been gardening for a few years but seek constant improvement (also, I’m not great at it). This book is a great reminder of the path of chronic learning with great wisdom, lovely photos, and it’s very well organized and easy to understand. Hard recommend.."

-Valarie, about The First Time Gardener: Growing Vegetables by Jessica Sowards

Hi, We are Jess and Miah Sowards and we want to invite you to take a seat at our table.

Here at Roots and Refuge Farm, we are passionate about food, family and legacy. We've created this Teachable school to host courses. We regularly post content to our YouTube channel, and here we offer organized courses for the devoted student. We are so excited to join you in the classroom!