Growing Gardeners with Jess and Jill

Welcome to our 6-Week Course for new food gardeners (or experienced gardeners looking to gain a deeper understanding of growing.) 

This content-packed course is developed by Jessica Sowards, of Roots and Refuge Farm, and Jill Ragan, of Whispering Willow Farm. 


22 Exclusive Vidoes

Jess and Jill cover all the topics you need to understand to feel confident growing your own food. From soil amendments, pest control, seed starting and the WHY of gardening, you'll have your questions answered here!

6 Exclusive Podcasts

Let's go behind the classroom and talk about gardening! Grab a cup of coffee and join in this conversation about the passion of garden. Knowledge is important, but so is inspiration!

19 Exclusive PDF’s

19 Printable Guides and Worksheets with lots of information for the growing gardener.

Example Curriculum

  Growing Gardeners with Jess & Jill
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